World Record Breakers

Breaking a world record is definitely a major achievement in any sport. There are a number of professional swimmers who have crashed world records a number of times and are pursuing to break even more. These athletes mentioned below do not fall in any particular order, that have all managed to break some incredible records in their careers.

Katinka Hosszu

This athlete is by far one of the most impressive when it comes to the amount of records she currently holds and had broken in the past. She was rewarded the female world cup overall winner in 2012, 2013, 2014 as well as 2015. She is currently the world record holder for the woman’s 200 metre individual medley long course. In 2014 she managed to break the records for the woman’s 200 metres backstroke as well as the woman’s 100 metres backstroke.

Hosszu is currently holding the world record for woman’s 400 metres individual medley, woman to 100 metre individual medley as well as women’s 200 metre individual medley and has also been rewarded Hungarian sports amount of the year in 2009, 2013 and 2014. The athlete is expected to break many more world records in a swimming career.

Michael Fred Phelps

Michael Fred Phelps

Michael is an incredible athlete that holds various records for his achievements in competitions around the world. Currently he holds the record for 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly and the 400m medley. He went on to break the records for 200m freestyle as well as the 200m individual medley. Over the course of his career thus far, the athlete has managed 77 medals in major long course international competitions, consisting of 61 gold, 13 silver and three bronze medals. He has received swimmer of the year awards seven times as well as American swimmer of the year nine times. His career also consists of various other rewards that includes sportsman of the year by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Mireia Belmonte Garcia

Mireia has had an incredible swimming career up to now. The athlete is responsible for various world records that the game in 2006 at the youth world championships. The athlete managed to obtain two golden reels at this event and went on to receive a further two medals at the senior European championship later that year. In 2007 she attended the European SC championships and received a silver medal for 400m individual medley. 2008 rewarded the summer a world record in 200m individual medley for the European championships. In the same year she set a new world record for short course 400m individual medley at the European short course swimming championships. In 2010 athlete received yet another silver medal at the FINA short course world championship. In 2012 athlete attended the summer Olympics and receive two silver medals, one for 200m butterfly and another for 800m freestyle.

The world has many other incredible athletes that we have seen or heard about for their amazing achievements, and as we all know more athletes pop up around every corner ready to impress and break current records. With so many different swimming events around the world, new athletes are born and created each day.