Why Use Swimming To Lose Weight

Many people around the world start to swim or prefer swimming in order to lose weight. Many people simply do this in the comfort of their own homes if they have a pool and others prefer to join a club as the exercises are more focused and the coach can provide a workout plan to achieve your goals.

In this article, we will cover a few key aspects of the sport that will benefit your weight loss goals. The article will also include information as to why swimming is better than most other forms of exercise.

Fat Burning

With each various stroke you can burn different amounts of calories. For example, doing the breaststroke for the 30 minutes can produce results that burn up to 370 calories. Using the right diet plan and swimming as much as possible in each day, you will find yourself achieving results much faster than most other sports. Most athletes try to swim early in the morning and once again in the evening. Summing for an hour in the morning and evening gives you a total of 2 hours per day. This means you can burn well over 1000 calories every day.

Boost Self-esteem and lower stress

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Various surveys and studies have been done to determine that more than 70% of swimmers feel more relaxed and less stressed after a workout. Summing will also help to mentally refreshed yourself. Your self-esteem will be boosted as you will quickly begin to see results, feel more energetic throughout the day and most importantly, feel good about yourself.

Strengthen Muscles

Swimming can strengthen your muscles throughout your entire body. On average, water creates 44 times more resistance than air. This means you need to use more strength to move yourself through the water. Since swimming consists of so many different stroke types and techniques, you will find yourself increasing the strength of almost every muscle in the body by practicing various strokes each day. Once again, a well balanced diet will increase this benefit and give you much faster results.

Low Impact

Since swimming does not require any stress on your joints, you can expect to push your body to new limits and not suffer any injuries. It’s important that you approach new techniques slowly and learn the technique properly. Those of you who are ready for weight loss solutions that will not put massive pressure on any of your joints, swimming will definitely be the answer. Swimming is also considered one of the very best exercises for senior people. This means older people can take advantage of all these benefits without risking injury of any sort.

No More Sweat

Sweating on a hot summer’s day in the gym is one of the most uncomfortable situations. With swimming you will not experience this at all as the water will keep you cool and allow you to exercise for much longer. Should you do any other cardio exercises such as running, be sure to keep swimming for the end of your exercise as it will cool you down and allow more exercise in the pool.