Training with Club vs Training Alone

At the beginning of a swimming career, most athletes will tell you to join a club instead of training alone. There are various reasons why joining a club from the beginning will improve your swimming in the long run. It doesn’t matter if you are a already a strong swimmer or just learning, a swimming club definitely offers various benefits.

Having a pool at home also offers a variety of benefits when it comes to training alone and having your own space. There are a few highlights that need to be considered before choosing to train on your own. With this article, we will look at various benefits that include training with a club over training alone at home.


Motivation is one of the main downfalls of training on your own. Motivating yourself to get in the pool and actually exercise can be more difficult than you think. Most people in the beginning come up with various excuses or simply tell themselves that there just isn’t time today. After a while one day becomes two and before you know it, you’re a training once or twice a week.

Training with Club vs Training Alone1

In a club, motivation is usually much stronger as your coach and other athletes drive your passion to achieve results. Interacting with other athletes will give you a better perception of how to achieve results. Your coach will also prove results with different techniques and show you the best technique to achieve the goals you desire. Other athletes can also be greater assistance when it comes to actual training as they can challenge you, making your workouts a lot less effort and much shorter.

Pool Size

The size of your pool has a massive impact on the results you are after. Most private pools are not full Olympic size, which means you need to do a lot more laps to achieve the results. Furthermore, a full sized Olympic pool allows you to focus on technique and work a certain muscle group for longer periods of time. This is because the distance you swim is longer, allowing you to get more exercise without much difference. Most clubs offer full Olympic sized pools, giving you all the benefits mentioned above.

An Olympic sized pool is also a must when you are a planning to train for a competition or professional series. Competitions require swimmers to cover long distances or time, meaning a longer pool will benefit you in the long run.

Private pools at home are a great way to do an additional exercises or training, but these are not recommended to train on a professional basis or to attempt the training required to achieve weight loss results or fitness. However, these results can be achieved, but will take much longer than the alternative.

The cost of joining a club are usually very low, giving you even more reason to join a club even when you have a private swimming pool. The assistance from other athletes and coaches will single-handedly improve your swimming experience and help you become a stronger swimmer in a much shorter period of time.