Swimming Lessons for Adults

The idea of swimming can be a rather scary thought for those who have never had the need or will to reach waters where your feet cannot touch the bottom. Most people will be surprised at how many thousands of other people have never taken on swimming. This includes all ages from children right through to adults. Learning how to swim can be more difficult for adults as our minds tend to over think and consider possibilities that children simply don’t think about at all.

Getting Over Fears

The best way to get over any fears of water is to simply take it head on at a slower pace. Begin at the shallow end and allow yourself to get used to the water. Your next step would simply include replicating the movements that are required for swimming while you are at the shallow end.

From there you can go down on your knees while still having your head above water and replicate the movements in the water. You will begin to understand how these movements allow you to swim forward and change directions at your request. This will really give you a much better idea of the major movements included with swimming.

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Doing this easy step will also get you used to the water and help calm any fears that you may have. Some of these movements will lift your entire body off the surface, which will already give you confidence in deeper waters.


Once the movements in the shallow end allow you to move around, it’s important to follow the same instructions with leg movements. Keep to the shallow end and simply hold on to the side of the pool, allowing your next to hang free. Begin to kick with your legs with a up and down movement while your legs are straight. As you kick, you will find the entire bottom half of your body begins to raise out of the water. There are various ways to kick and different ways that work for you.

Once you are a confident with these two movements, try to swim from one end to the other stretching over the shallow end of the pool. This will make you comfortable as you can simply put your feet down and stand up.


Breathing is extremely important for any swimmer as a oxygen is required to give your muscles to produce power required and to keep your mind alert. In the beginning, simply focus on the movements concerning your arms and legs to keep yourself from sinking when swimming from side to side. Breathing will come naturally when you simply tilt your head to the side with every second stroke.

Things not to do

Many people believe in the sink or swim lesson that simply forces you to jump in on the deep end of the pool and figure it out from there. Not only is this method extremely risky, but you will find your technique takes much longer to perfect.

Take your time and allow your body to get you to the water. Do not rush yourself as swimming can take a while to perfect. If you are failing off your first few attempts, get help from a professional or a friend that he is a strong swimmer. It is recommended to have either of these with you with your first few attempts any way.