Swimmers Diet (Breakfast)

A good diet is very important to achieve the results with swimming or any other form of exercise for that matter. The key to losing weight is to consume less calories or burn more calories to balance out your system. Eating junk food and drinking soft drinks all day will increase your calorie intake, meaning you have to work a lot harder to achieve balance or burn calories. With a balanced diet you will be able to lose weight and tone much faster as you consume less calories, wild winning the same amount.


Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day. This is even more important when you train early in the morning as your body will need energy before you start. We recommend having breakfast at least half an hour before your training session, which might require you to get up earlier. However, if you are unable to meet these requirements try to eat something small such as a banana to give you energy before your training session.

Good Breakfast Foods

Cereals are quick and easy and provide you with all the nutrients your body needs. However, avoid cereals and include a lot of sugar as this will simply give you a short boost in the morning, but actually just increase the possibility of fat storage. Natural sources are key for breakfast cereals such as porridge. These usually do not include any artificial sweeteners or high amounts of sugar.

Diet (Breakfast)

If you are the type of person who enjoys a slice of toast or normal bread in the morning, be sure to avoid white flower breads. Try to stay focused on whole wheat and other healthy breads that are available at most supermarkets. Try to avoid butter or any spreads that contain higher volumes of sugar such as jam. These sweet treats should not be avoided completely, but try not to consume large volumes at the same time.

Eggs and beans will be a much better solution for your breakfast with toast. Eggs and been include high protein while also excluding any sugar. The protein will help your muscle build and last longer while you train.

Bacon for breakfast is among many other fatty foods could be hard to avoid, but once you achieve this you will find results come much easier. To replace these foods ensure lots of fresh fruit are available. Fruit contain natural sugar that will not have the same effect as normal sugars. This means you will be able to gain an incredible boost in the mornings without increasing your intake on foods that will do you no favours.

Breakfast Drinks

As mentioned above, stay away from any sodas or higher sugared drinks. Many fruit juices also contain regular sugar, which should be avoided completely. If you do not have time to squeeze fresh juice in the morning, be sure to buy a 100% juice. Also be aware of the contents as some manufacturers include additional sugars. Coffee and tea will not make much of a difference as long as you use no or very little amounts of sugar.