Mistakes to Avoid before a Competition

There are a number of things that athletes seemed to change just before a championship. Some of these changes are within reason and others should just be left alone before the race. Making major changes to your diet, swimwear and various other aspects could change your results during the championship. You need to allow yourself time to get used to these changes during practice, which will have a much smaller effect when the championship comes along.


Making major changes to your diet just before a championship is definitely not recommended. You need to ask yourself why is your normal diet is good enough for practicing, but not good enough for a championship. Perhaps you should make changes to your regular diet to improve your practice sessions as well as your results during a championship.
Any changes to your diet should be made at the beginning of the season, not at the end. Do not change your meal times or make any major changes to your diet itself before a championship. Your body will get into a routine with your normal diet and might just affect you in a negative way if major changes are made.

swimming Competition


Unfortunately, swimsuits do not last forever. After a few races or practice sessions they tend to stretch and not fit as tightly as when you got them. Choosing a new swimsuit should be done a few practice sessions before the race. This allows you to get used to the suit and the tightness. Small things like this could make you uncomfortable during the championship. Caps and goggles should be changed at the same time if required, allowing you to choose between silicone and latex and whether you’d like your goggle strap to be underneath the cap or over it.

Warm Up

Before the championship, make sure that you warm up properly. Spend additional time as you warm up and do at least 3 or 4 sprint laps. To achieve the best results and speed, your body needs to be perfectly warmed up. Don’t overdo your warm up and wear out your energy. Warm ups should be practiced before the championship, if you are not sure what the best techniques are, visit a club and leads a coach provide you with the various techniques.

Keep to Practice Times

Many coaches give their teams time off before a big event. This includes receiving days off without any practice. The main problem with this is that your sleep cycle will begin to interfere just before a big championship as you know there will be no practice the next day. Most athletes then stay up later the previous night as they can sleep in the next day. Doing this too often will put your body in to a different sleep cycle, which could interfere with the way you perform at the championships.

Making small changes to your schedule will not have this affect, but try to stick to your normal routine and still exercise on the selected days. If changes need to be made, simply shorten your exercise on certain days.