Get Ripped with Swimming

The beginning is always the hardest part of any exercise program as you are  forcing your body to get used to a different lifestyle. Summing can be a very tough sport to get into as it will tire you out  more so than any other form of exercise. However, to achieve results and become fit in a short period of time, swimming will definitely be your best friend.

Week 1

Once you have developed your training program and you have worked out a diet, try to prepare yourself for a difficult first week. Your first two or three workout sessions might put you on the edge to quit, but try stay motivated and push through. A good idea for motivation would be to have a friend or partner enjoying this with the exercises and diet plan as you will be able to motivate each other.

Week 2

By the beginning of the second week, you will find some belly fat has already been lost and you are becoming fitter. Do not change your exercise time just yet, instead push yourself harder during the same amount of time. You will find more laps can be fit in without growing tired as fast as you did within the first week.

swimming muscles

Your diet should become a bit more advanced by cutting out the rest of you sugar consumption and switching over to fruit. This will give you natural sugar that doesn’t contain any of the bad substances that processed sugar does. To increase your results feel free to include other exercises such as cycling or running. Do these exercises before your swim as the pool will give you a great cool down and allow you to feel refreshed and exercise for much longer.

Week 3

Your third week will present a lot more results from your first two weeks of training. The additional workouts will definitely have an effect on your body, but swimming is still the one that produces the best results. In comparison, swimming burns a lot more calories as you use your entire body with almost every stroke, so be sure not to cut down in order to fit in other exercises.

Once you have perfected your diet and are consuming a lot of protein, stick to the diet, but try to consume smaller portions. Most professional athletes would tell you to eat 5 to 8 times per day without ever eating a full plate of food. Try to cut out any fat and include lots of fruit and high protein foods such as fish.

Week 4 to 6

During these weeks you will find your body becomes more defined and your results begin to really shine through. If you keep to the diet and exercise plan, these results are almost impossible to miss. If you find it difficult to keep to your workout plan, try visiting a club for new forms of motivation.