Diet (Lunch and Dinner)

Even though many experts would recommend that you workout on an empty stomach to lose weight, you still need to remember your body needs the nutrients and energy from those foods. Below we will consider some of the best meals to consume a few hours before your next workout session. Do not consumed any energy drinks, sodas or in any foods containing higher volumes of sugar before your workout session. The sugars will simply give you a boost at the beginning, but will fail long before your workout session has been completed. Furthermore, the sugar also opens the opportunity for additional fats to be stored within your body.

Light Meals

The most important aspects of everything you need is to remember to keep your carbohydrates and protein levels high, while also remembering to consume healthy foods that do not contain large amounts of sugar or fat.

Diet (Lunch and Dinner)

Baked potatoes are of the best foods you can consume when trying to build up energy for swimming and to lose weight at the same time. The potato can be filled with sweet corn, chilli or beans, which will increase the protein intake. You can also add some cheese if needed, but try to keep this to a minimum. Also, be sure to eat the potatoes skin as it helps the body control the blood sugar level.

Pasta meals are not exactly the best thing to go for, but are still considered much better than any takeaways. Try to include more ingredients such as vegetables or tuna with the pasta, meaning you consume less pasta and more of the vegetables or tuna. Vegetables and tuna both contain higher volumes of protein that will help you muscles stay healthy and exercise for longer.

Other foods such as ground mince, kidney beans and brown rice will also set you up perfectly for a workout in a few hours. Do not consume huge amount of these foods, as they are simply there to snack on during the day.

Main Meals

To ensure you always have the right ingredients for every main meal, it would be a good idea to plan your meals ahead before your weekly or monthly shopping. Be sure to include lots of veggies with every meal as they go with everything and offer incredible benefits.

If you are hoping to achieve results in a short period of time, consumed these veggies raw and uncooked. Cooking vegetables causes them to use some of the nutrients and proteins, which is exactly the reason you need them. Do not under any circumstances fry your vegetables. Instead, cook it slow in all its natural juices to cook them. Also do not place the veggies in a pot filled with water as all your nutrients will remain behind in the water.

When it comes to the meat you would want to aim for more fish and white meats such as chicken. These meats are recommended as they do not contain much fat and offer great benefits. Red meats can also be consumed, but be sure not to consume too much fat if any at all.