FINA Suspends Mexican Federation

FINA, the global federation which oversees every professional world swimming event has announced that they’ve banned the Mexican Federation from attending any events concerning FINA for the coming decade. This “Temporarily Ban” could be increased depending on how FINA feels in the upcoming years. This harsh punishment is due to the fact that Mexico dropped out of hosting the 2017 World Championships in Guadalajara, this in turn caused for a two-year delay in the championships. The new World Championships will be held in Budapest in 2018.


Guadalajara states that due to financial failings they could not hold these championships. These financial failings were due to a lack of oil being sold in the region during 2015 Spring. Even though Guadalajara has come back from those failings, they’ve now caused for the country as a whole to look like an embarrassment.

There is no information regarding if Mexican swimmers will be able to attend the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics. FINA, knowing their harsh tone towards countries whom falter against their obligations those swimmers won’t have the right to attend these events anymore. This could be a good this on those swimmers behalves due to the immensely polluted waters that all swimmers at this years summers Olympics will have to endure.

Whatever happens with Mexico’s swimmers in the coming years, you can be ensured it’ll have nothing to do with global events for the next decade. Whomever wishes to find out more information regarding FINA & what they plan to do regarding Mexico’s ability to participate in the 2016 Olympics can stay tuned.

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