Andy Murray a World Class Scotsman


In April 2015, two-time Grand Slam victor Andy Murray reached his 500th ATP career win making him just the ninth still actively playing tennis athlete to join the elite group. He is the current British number one player, who at this stage in his career and age is very likely to challenge his adversaries presently topping this list.

With his characteristic never-say-die championship-winning attitude, Andy Murray will naturally chase further achievements after reaching his 500th win. Roger Federer led the group of currently active player leader board for a fair while now, already having topped his 1000th win in the year ago in January 2015, with the standings as at 1 January 2016 leaving Roger Federer at 1062, Rafael Nadal – 771, Novak Djokovic – 691, and Andy Murray at 552 career victories.


The other currently active players not mentioned in the above group that also populate the history books having achieved in excess of 500 career victories are all significantly older than any Murray with a notably lower career win/loss ratio. This list includes players such as David Ferrer, Leyton Hewitt, Tommy Haas, Thomas Berdych, and Tommy Robredo.

Andy Murray’s age and career record favourably suggests that he could potentially join this elite group of his peers currently featuring at the pinnacle of this exclusive 500+ club. Outside of the dominant Djokovic-Nadal-Federer triumvirate, Murray’s pair of Grand Slam titles, the 2012 U.S. Open as well as 2013 Wimbledon, highlights the fact that in this elite group only Leyton Hewitt can match him in having achieved this same feat.

The main differences between the two at this stage of their individual careers is that Hewitt a former world number one, currently ranked no 306 by the ATP at age 34 is in the closing stages of a highly successful career. Hewitt intends retiring at the end of this year’s Australian Open. In contrast, Andy Murray is at age 28 in the prime of his career currently ATP ranked as the world’s number two player after a rapid rise during 2015 that saw him jump from a number six ranking at the start of the year to become number two by the close of 2015.

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