CCMA Awards First Grant

The Capital City Marathon Association was pleased to reveal this week that they’ve awarded their first grant as of last week. This grant was given to a swimming program in Thurston County, Washington. The grant is meant to show the CCMA’s dedication towards promotion a healthier living stand through good nutrition and exercise. This means that “The Bears & Wolves Swim Camp” will receive $1,800 from the Capital City Marathon Endowment Fund.

Capital City Marathon Association

The fund was established back in 2011, it was created by the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound and over the last four years the CCMA has grown into its own. They’ve promoted healthier living through Northern America in schools, malls and more. Over time they wished to do more & provide grants to those in need. This grant will allow for increased pool hours, it’ll allow for reduced fees, it’ll be able to expand the camp and it’ll allow for a new teacher to be brought it.

The main focus for the Bears & Wolves Swim Camp is the upcoming Summer. They wish to be able to provide more than just free swimming & an occasional lesson, they want to be able to give swim coaching everyday and provide the community with the use of two separate pools for twenty-four hours a day. It appears that this camp has high hopes just as Capital City did thirty-five years ago with the Marathon. Now the Capital City Marathon is the longest-running marathon in the Southern States. Hopefully this camp can mimic what CC once did.

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